• For Cummins HX30W 3592317

  • For Cummins HX30W 3592317

For Cummins HX30W 3592317


For Cummins HX30W 3592317

Model& NumberHX30W
Part& Number3592317& ,& 3598814,& 3592318
Comparison& Number& (OEM)3800998
Chra& Number3768450& (4027213)
Repair& Kit& Number3575205
Actuator& Number4030102
Engine4BTA,& 4BTAA
ApplicationFor& Cummins& KAMAZ& SO44042& Truck&
For& Cummins& DONG& FENG& MOTORS&
Engine& 4BTA,4BTAA
Engine& ManufacturerCummins,& Kamaz
Original& ManufacturerHolset
Shaft& Wheel& Material42CrMoA
Turbine& Wheel& Blade& MaterialK418,& Included& 75%& Nickel
Compressor& Wheel& MaterialC355
Bearing& Housing& MaterialHT250

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