What is Turbocharger ?

Mar. 01, 2019

As you know, BTWHEEL company’s main product is turbocharger and turbocharger components.

So, what is turbocharger ? We will introduce the basic principles of the turbocharger that used for vehicles.

The turbocharger is mainly composed of a turbine and a compressor, and is connected by a transmission shaft, called turbine shaft. The turbocharger is installed on the exhaust side of the engine, the intake port of the turbine is connected to the exhaust manifold of the engine, and the exhaust port is connected to the exhaust pipe; the intake port of the compressor is connected to the intake pipe, and the exhaust port is connected. On the intake manifold. The exhaust gas discharged from the engine drives the compressor wheel to operate at a high speed, thereby driving the coaxial turbine to rotate at a high speed, forcibly pumping the pressurized fresh air into the cylinder.

Turbocharger mainly uses the energy of the engine exhaust to drive the compressor to achieve the supercharging of the intake air. The whole process does not consume the engine power, and has good acceleration and sustainability.

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