What is Turbine Shaft ?

Mar. 12, 2019

The turbine shaft is the core of the turbocharger.

The turbine shaft looks like a simple metal tube, but in fact it is a precision part with 120000 to 160000 RPM rotation and ultra high temperature.

Its fine machining tolerances, sophisticated material handling and processing are the core technologies of all turbocharger manufacturers.

In work and construction, the turbo shaft engine is similar to that of the turboprop engine.

They all evolved from the principle of the turbofan engine, but the latter turned the fan into a propeller, and the former turned the fan into a helicopter rotor.

In addition, the turboshaft engine has its own characteristics: it is usually equipped with a free turbine (a turbine that does not drive a compressor, for output power), and is mainly used in helicopters and vertical / short range landing aircraft.

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