Production and Processing

Production and Processing

Quality Control

  • Appearance


    Keep it clean,no blow holes,burrs,un-uniform,or mechanical damages.

    The thickness of the area ridding of unbalance < 1/3.

    Ridding of unbalance in diagonal is unallowed.

    Check the driving lever of the bearign house,axial movement < 0.5mm.

  • Dimension


    Tain test dimensions of all needed parts which sent into our warehouse.                                                           

    Such as compressor wheel,shaft&wheel,bearign house,back plate,ect.

    Tain use 3-coordinate measurement to test the size of bearing house and back plate.

  • Balancing


    Every chra is balancing tested by SCHENCK TB Sonio before delivered,to ensure the best performance of high-speed balancing. And we offer report for each char.

  • Performance of Complete Turbo

    Performance of Complete Turbo

    G3 flow instrument can test the ratio and speed of turbocharger, adjust the structure of variable cross section according to the flow rate at the same time.It simulate the working enviroment inside the car, testing the performance of compressor part,and see if there's leakage of oil.

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