• Q: What do you supply?

    A: We specialize in high quality turbocharger and turbocharger parts (char, rotor assembly, bearing housing, turbine housing, compressor housing, repair kit and so on.)

  • Q: Why choose us?

    A: I.We only purchase top quality materiel to produce turbo in china , and our company also issued a strict rules for checking the quality, and all these points assure our best quality turbos.
    II.The mould and equipment we used for production are of the best line in China.
    III.The production craft and technology we adopted are the best in China also.

  • Q: Do you offer warranty?

    A: Sure, 6 months warranty for turbocharger, 12 months warranty for all turbocharger parts.

  • Q: Can you send us samples?

    A: Absolutely, we can supply turbocharger samples and great package for you.

  • Q: Which shipment you can supply?

    A: we ship cargo by sea, by air, by train or by express (FEDEX, DHL,UPS,TNT ). We make sure deliver goods by safe and economical methods and offer perfect package as you expect.

  • Q: How will you guarantee the prices and quality for every deal ? How can we minimize the risk of taking low-quality products and different from the products you will send as a sample ?

    A: At first, our each product must be all subjected to strict inspectiton by our team to ship, and each cartridge come with a balancing report.
    Secondly, we can send you sample for your confirmation before shipping goods, if we received your final purchasing order, and if you think it is necessary. We’ll arrange shipment then after your confirmation. In addition, as you know, if we trade with you via Alibaba, you can check the quality after you receiving goods. There are any questions caused by our quality, we accept the consultations for a refund or a replacement.
    Thirdly, We know you are greatly concerned about our after-sales service. In this regard, we offer 12 months warranty for all turbo parts. During the period of our warranty, any questions caused by our quality, we’ll take care of it.

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